2020 Young Apple Leaders: Ben Boyer

Though Young Apple Leader Ben Boyer of Boyer Orchards is a third-generation apple grower, he’s eager to advocate for newcomers to the industry who face many barriers to success in their mission to feed the world.

USApple Kicks Off Apples4Ed 2021!

2020 was a year full of challenges for school students and staff everywhere. From adjusting to virtual learning to making sure each student had what they needed to succeed, teachers and administrators alike had their hands full from dawn to dusk. Over the pandemic year, we saw how teachers changed tactics and the many ways … Continued

Meet the A-Team

At USApple, we think of our members as superhuman, because growing and distributing a supply of fresh apples and apple products that are available year-round anywhere in the world is truly incredible.  Today, we’re celebrating not just the science, technology and strategy behind that mission—but also the people who know how to make it all … Continued

Outlook 2020: Meet the Speakers, Part 2

If you have not yet registered for Outlook, you can do so here. Learn more about the rest of our Outlook speakers and presentations from Part 1 of this post here.  Farm Credit System Outlook Todd Van Hoose – Farm Credit Council – President & CEO Van Hoose brings more than 25 years of experience in the … Continued

Outlook 2020: Meet the Speakers

Why We Fear the Food We Eat Jack Bobo – Futurity – CEO Mr. Bobo’s insights into consumer anxiety about making food decisions when we are overwhelmed with information, options, and distractions help explain why Americans have a more complicated relationship with food than ever before. Bobo’s work is about understanding and dismantling the habits … Continued

Rice Fruit Co: Behind the Scenes of Apple Businesses During COVID-19

When COVID-19 hit south-central Pennsylvania in mid-March, it became clear that daily operations at Rice Fruit Company needed to change immediately and drastically to adapt to their status as an essential business. As the vice president of sales and marketing, Brenda Briggs helped the more than 100-year-old family-run business act quickly to keep employees safe … Continued

2020 Young Apple Leaders: Ben Boyer

Young Apple Leader Ben Boyer of Boyer Orchards in New Paris, Pa. believes he was born to be an apple grower. From building new orchard systems and hosting the annual farmers market to trimming, hand thinning and picking, Boyer enjoys every aspect of the apple growing life.  “My grandpa started the orchard in 1957, and … Continued