Industry at a Glance

The U.S. apple industry brings billions of dollars to our economy each year, represents thousands of jobs, and brings nutritious food to consumers around the world. We unite state and regional apple associations across the country to advocate for policies that help growers continue to produce America’s favorite fruit.
Learn more about the apple industry’s impact below.

Consumed Fruit in the U.S.
apple producers
states grow apples
11.1 billion
pounds of apples grown in U.S.
$3.2 billion
in farm-gate revenue
42 million
bushels exported
$23 billion
estimated downstream value
total acres of land for growing apples
apple crop grown for fresh consumption
Apple crop processed for juice and apple food products
1 out of 4
fresh apples are exported
3rd largest
apple producer worldwide
$396 million
approximate annual export value to Mexico & Canada
varieties grown in U.S.

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USApple is a member-driven association that represents all segments of the apple industry, including growers, packers, shippers, marketers, processors, suppliers, state/regional associations, and other businesses engaged in the industry.