USApple facilitates Research Outing with EPA & USDA

In April, Rod Snyder, the Senior Advisor for Agriculture to the EPA Administrator, visited USDA’s Appalachian Fruit Research Station in Kearneysville, WV at the invitation of USApple. Jim Bair and Mitchell Liwanag from USApple attended the tour, as well as Virginia grower and USApple Board Member, Philip Glaize III, and West Virginia apple grower, Don Dove.

The group discussed important climate-related apple research being conducted at the station. Projects include carbon sequestration in orchards, root architecture and implications for healthy trees, and rapid apple decline. USApple continues to work with EPA to ensure they understand the realities and challenges of the apple industry. Getting federal officials in front of growers and researchers is a great educational opportunity.

We sent a press release announcing the visit on saw press pick-up in these trade outlets: