New USApple Charts

As USApple members took their message directly to lawmakers on Capitol Hill during the fly-in, brand new charts from USApple Director of Industry Analytics, Chris Gerlach, quickly and effectively communicated the urgency and severity of the current challenges facing the industry.

The charts illustrate the following: As this industry knows very well, production is increasing, exports are declining, and prices are falling too. Unfortunately, production costs to grow those apples – already paid for before harvest – have been going through the roof. The primary factor driving those costs are the sizable and inevitable increases in the H-2A labor rates – the only currently viable source of skilled, seasonal employment. The industry has been pushed past the tipping point where, for many growers this season, expenses will far exceed revenues. This is not sustainable and it is in the power of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to come together and make the necessary changes.

You can also find and download the high-res PDF here. We encourage use back at home in conversations with friends, neighbors and especially lawmakers at all levels of government.