Falls Church, VA (November 7, 2023) Multiple companies involved in a recent cinnamon applesauce pouch recall confirm that apples were not the source of contamination in their products. As seen on national news, there are now three companies who have recalled their cinnamon applesauce pouches due to possible contamination with lead. They are:
Weis Markets

Since last week, USApple has been in communication with the manufacturer, Ecuador-based Austrofood, and the FDA to understand the source of the contamination. The first company to recall their products, WanaBana, confirmed after an in-depth analysis that apples did not cause the lead contamination that resulted in their recall of apple cinnamon fruit puree pouches. WanaBana says, “the investigation is currently focusing on cinnamon as potentially being responsible for this issue, as all other ingredients have been now cleared.”

Schnucks has also identified cinnamon as the contaminated ingredient in their product. According to Schnucks, there were “elevated levels of lead found in the cinnamon raw material.”

“Historically, U.S. apple products have never had an issue with lead toxicity, and as details of this investigation continue to emerge, thankfully that appears to remain the case,” said Jim Bair, President and CEO of USApple.

Since 1990, the FDA has published an annual report on certain contaminants found in U.S. food products and no apples, apple juice, or apple products has been found to have any level of lead that would be of concern. The FDA’s Total Diet Study from 2018-2020 also shows no lead detected in fresh apples, apple juice and baby food applesauce.