Our governing board of directors is comprised of 25 elected members responsible for guiding USApple´s mission and activities. The executive committee, along with several working committees, addresses concerns of the industry as a whole. USApple staff, located in Falls Church, Va., just outside Washington, D.C., is responsible for conducting daily operations.


USApple represents the U.S. apple industry´s interests on federal policy issues by voicing the industry´s views to Congress and the Executive Branch on issues including: Labor, environmental issues, food safety, trade, research, and regulations. We also work to resolve industry concerns by: Working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Trade Representative, Environmental Protection Agency, and Food and Drug Administration, activating a network of apple advocates nationwide to support legislative goals, and working with other produce and agricultural groups in coalitions to achieve mutual interests.

Nutrition Research and Consumer Education

USApple educates consumers about the health benefits of eating apples and apple products by sponsoring health/nutrition research and developing and distributing communications tailored to: National health, nutrition, lifestyle, and food media, health educators and influential health organizations, school nutritionists and teachers, retail dietitians, chefs and culinary instructors, and industry members and industry publications.

Industry Information

USApple serves as a resource center for the apple industry and key audiences by providing information to members, media, federal government, and the general public. Some of these are: Apple Bites, a bi-weekly summary of news for and about the apple industry, Market News, crop storage and movement reports published from November through June, and Apple Crop Outlook & Marketing Conference and other meeting/networking opportunities.

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