Government Affairs

USApple serves as your full-time legislative and regulatory team on Capitol Hill, focusing on the government affairs issues and policies that affect your business and customers. Speaking up for the needs of the national apple industry, USApple works directly with Congress, federal regulatory agencies, and other government agencies. Specific issues include agricultural labor reform, farm bill, expanding exports, crop protection, food safety, USDA purchases and specialty crop research.

Grassroots Advocacy

Regardless of company size or type, members can play a critical role in the success of USApple’s advocacy efforts. Grassroots advocacy is the proactive education of public officials by apple leaders in order to promote and achieve legislative and regulatory priorities. It includes visits on Capitol Hill to lawmakers, hosting a Member of Congress for a site visit or simply email or call about a priority issue. Members can take action on the current issues by contacting their Members of Congress, accessing letters to send to their elected officials, and receiving updates on the issues. The ability of USApple’s membership to educate and inform key decision-makers has a direct impact on the future of the industry.


Provides a national voice on current issues affecting the apple industry via national media, trade publication editorials, and other forums.


USApple educates consumers about the health benefits of eating apples and apple products by sponsoring research and developing and distributing communications tailored to national health, nutrition and food media, health educators, schools, industry publications, and other influential groups and organizations. Develops and distributes digital and electronic communication to encourage increased consumer knowledge and consumption of US-grown apples. Plus, to prevent apples and apple products from being viewed negatively in the eyes of consumers or the media, USApple works to maintain market confidence by communicating as the national voice to media and policy makers, monitoring key issues and coordinating action within the industry.

Industry Information

USApple provides members with relevant and timely information on current issues and trends and represents the interests of the industry in areas of regulation, research and industry standards. Gain access to Market News, the industry’s sole source of national apple inventories and movement. Understand market trends and prepare strategic plans using key data and analysis published in these storage reports (November through July). Lastly, receive the Production and Utilization Analysis Report, an annual compendium that is the only source of data, analysis and general information about the U.S. apple industry.


USApple provides numerous opportunities for networking year-round. Join to gain online access to colleagues from across the country for networking and information sharing. Play a strategic role in advancing the industry through activities in USApple, including serving on committees such as: Public Affairs, Education, Membership/Communications and Industry Information. Plus, receive registration discounts for the industry’s most important event of the year. Join us for our annual Apple Crop Outlook & Marketing Conference where we unveil the U.S. apple crop national estimate. Attend education sessions about industry trends and hear from the industry’s best minds and thought leaders.


Membership gives you access to a wide variety of exciting resources, including: Apple News, a quarterly newsletter featuring in-depth articles on the latest news, events and trends impacting the apple industry, and Apple Bites, a biweekly e-newsletter recapping news for and about the apple industry.

Different Membership Options

There are a wide variety of membership categories for all players in the apple industry. Membership is available for: Growers, Apple Industry Businesses, Associates, Special (such as trade associations and chambers of commerce) and Academic/Government.