Lester Lynd
Lester Lynd, Lynd’s Fruit Farm

Few families can rival the Lynd family’s deep apple-growing lineage, and Lester Lynd of Lynd’s Fruit Farm plans to keep it going.
“When I was little, I’d get home from school and rush to the orchard, just to see what the workers were doing,” recalls Lester of his earlier days on the farm. Fast forward to 2011 and Lester can proudly say he’s “done it all,” from running a year-round roadside market and wholesale operation, to offering U-pick and farm entertainment.

Located 20 minutes outside of Columbus, Ohio’s largest city, Lynd’s Fruit Farm is ideally situated to attract a large customer base. “When speaking with customers, it’s apparent that most are removed from agriculture, and visiting our farm becomes a fun and educational family activity. They get apples fresh off the trees and make an afternoon out of it,” Lester says.

The Lynds continually seek out new varieties. “If you have a variety that consumers can’t get anywhere else, and it’s a good quality apple like Sun Crisp, Honeycrisp and Gold Rush, consumers will keep coming back, and that’s what keeps us going.”

What the next generation of apple growers looks like is a little uncertain, but consumer interest in farms like Lester’s is on the rise. “Farming requires a lot of hard work, but at the end of the day, when we see a young consumer connecting with their food and discovering how apples are grown, we feel rewarded.”