Jeff MacQueen
Jeff MacQueen, MacQueen Orchards

There’s something magical about apple orchards during the fall harvest: the air is crisp, the trees are flourishing and the fruit is ripe for the picking. “There’s really nothing better than spending an autumn afternoon among the apple trees,” says Jeff MacQueen, third-generation grower and vice president of MacQueen Orchards.

That’s why, for the last 30 years, the MacQueens have organized an enchanting apple affair for visitors to the Holland, Ohio area. Attracting more than 25,000 visitors during the two-day event, the harvest celebration known as Apple Butter Stir Festival offers local fare, craft tables, pony (and camel) rides, live music and, of course, apple activities for the entire family, from apple picking to apple cider making.

“What started out as a ‘thank you’ to customers has grown into a special tradition for many,” Jeff says. “We have families who take their Christmas card photos here each year; we have some groups that return to the same tree during their visits; we even have a few romantics who plan their engagements in the orchards. It really is a magical place.”

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