(Washington, D.C.) – Farmers for Free Trade and the U.S. Apple Association released a new national cable television advertisement today that provides an on-the-ground look at how current trade disputes are damaging export markets for American farmers. The spot features Mark Boyer, part-owner of Ridgetop Orchards, a family-run farm in Fishertown, Pa. Apples are among the U.S.-grown products that are being targeted by trading partners with retaliatory tariffs in response to the Section 232 tariffs.


“The U.S. apple industry does depend on exports,” Mark Boyer says in the 30 second spot. “Without certainty in foreign markets, why would you invest in equipment, why would you invest in anything? The stakes are high. People will lose their jobs.”

The advertisement will run in the immediate aftermath of new retaliatory tariffs being announced on American farm exports from key U.S. trading partners including Mexico, India, Canada, China and the European Union. U.S. apple exports, which support family-owned orchards across the nation, are particularly prone to be hard hit by retaliatory tariffs.


“Profit margins in agriculture are razor-thin, or nonexistent.” said Jim Bair, U.S. Apple Association President and CEO. “Our numbers 1, 2, 3, and 6th largest export markets are already impacted or threatened. That hurts not only growers but also thousands of affiliated jobs in small-town America. We need these disputes to get resolved amicably and quickly.”


The new advertisement will run on cable news channels including Fox News, CNN and MSNBC, as well as online. It is the third ad in a series of Farmers for Free Trade spots that highlight the negative impacts of protectionist trade policies on farmers and rural communities.


“This situation is going from bad to worse,” said Brian Kuehl, Executive Director of Farmers for Free Trade. “What this ad helps show is that these tariffs are having an impact on American farms right now. It shows that this isn’t a theoretical threat. Let’s call it what is – this is a trade war that is impacting the livelihoods of American farmers, farmers we work with are paying higher prices for their equipment because of the steel tariffs, have had contracts cancelled, and have been hurt by falling commodity prices.”


Farmers for Free Trade is a bipartisan, non-profit campaign to rebuild support at the grassroots level for trade policies that benefit American agriculture. Farmers for Free Trade, which is backed by major ag organizations and commodity groups is leading efforts to warn the Administration and lawmakers of the consequences of retaliation on farmers and rural communities. For more on Farmers for Free Trade visit: FarmersForFreeTrade.com


U.S. Apple Association is the trade association representing all segments of the apple industry and the nation’s 7,500 apple growers in 40 states. The annual farm gate value of the U.S. apple crop is about $4.5 billion. The apple industry generates about $15 billion in economic activity annually and contributes nearly $1 billion each year toward a positive balance of trade.


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