32 All-Star Apple Varieties Tip Off in a National Tournament

What apple variety is a slam dunk in your house? Perhaps it’s a tried-and-true variety like Fuji or Gala, or an up-and-comer like SweeTango or Ambrosia? Through March (National Nutrition Month), you get to choose!

Launching Feb. 22, our “Apple Madness” tournament lets apple fans (that’s you!) pick their favorites among 32 apple varieties in a five-week, five-round online competition.

Here’s how it works:
Visit usapples.localhost/AppleMadness to fill out your bracket and lock in your predictions by Feb. 28. Then, throughout March, vote once each day to make sure your picks advance to the next weekly round. Voters will have chances to win prizes all month long, but our GRAND prize (an entire 3-month supply of apples!) will be awarded to the person whose predictions most closely match the round-by-round outcomes.

Simply visit usapples.localhost/AppleMadness.

Prediction Period (Feb. 22-28): Lock in your predictions
Round 1 (March 1-7): The Fresh 32
Round 2 (March 8-14): Vitamin-C Sixteen
Round 3 (March 15-21): Edible Eight
Round 4 (March 22-27): Fiber Four
Round 5 (March 28-31): National Chomp-ionship

Don’t forget about prizes:
To register your bracket, simple click “sign up” to be eligible to win apple-related prizes all month long!